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Are you a blogger? And would you like a completely free and unique logo design? Then read on!


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  1. View our example logos below and pick your favorite. Don’t worry, we will create a completely unique design for you (we use your choice to understand your taste better!)
  2. Fill out the form below to request your design. You can choose the main color and the size of your design.
  3. We will forward 2 unique designs for you to choose from. To use the design on your blog, we ask you to write an acknowledgement somewhere on your website, e.g. “Thanks to mrdiscountcode.hk for the design”

And that’s it – you will now have your free logo design!


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About the designer:

We work with a talented designer who has 3 years of experience creating beautiful designs. His work has been used for prints, logos, product images and electronic media such as brochures and advertising. He works with a variety of tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and can create designs in most formats. Most importantly, the reason we enjoy his work is because it is both memorable and unique.

Why do we offer free design to bloggers?:

We have a long history of working together with bloggers: we create blogger awards, top lists and other campaigns, which aim to promote bloggers and create a sense of community among fellow bloggers.

Offering free designs is another way in which we hope to create good relations with bloggers. We realise how important bloggers are today. Therefore we want to create relationships with bloggers via our campaigns, perhaps for future co-operations, which can benefit both parties.

We are happy and honored if a blogger posts an acknowledgement of our website on their blog. This shows an approval of our website, which we appreciate.

free logo design

free logo design

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