Who Are We?

About Us - MrDiscountCode.hk


Our website, MrDiscountCode.hk, is owned by REBEL Internet BV 58114785. We are located at Geestersingel 48 1815 BB Alkmaar, Netherlands, and we are all about connecting buyers with online shops available in Hong Kong to help increase their buying powers with discounts and offers. Through the huge number of selections involving deals, promo codes, and information on regular sale events, customers have much more control over how they spend and on what.


What Do We Offer

A lot of what visitors will find on this website is information on which shops are offering what particular deals at any given day. This information is updated on a daily basis, which helps customers get reliable details on exactly what they can buy at cheaper prices. The offers themselves also vary, from discount promo codes to other offers the come with reduced prices when shopping.


Save Money When Shopping

With regards to the shops, we have a huge selection of online stores of varying categories that visitors can choose from. These shops offer a wide range of products and services, so readers won’t have to look far to find exactly what they are looking for. Among the examples of shops that are usually frequented by visitors and consistently have good offers include Ztore, Klook, Zalora, Trip, and Bossini.


Huge Range Of Choices

As for the categories, visitors can usually find vouchers pertaining to travel, hotels & accommodations, electronics, and phones. However, there are also other products on offer, including fashion and accessory items, as well as health supplements.

What visitors will want to watch out for, however, are the daily updates on particular deals that can often come with even better savings than previous ones. Even if the deals remain the same for a period of time, however, the savings are still quite outstanding compared to when shopping at full price.


How We Make Money

Our services are the epitome of a Win-Win situation. What we offer is a win for the customers because they get plenty of amazing discounts on products that they want to buy. It’s also a win for the shops that we have on our list because we direct customers to their stores who then buy from them. Finally, it’s a win for us because we get a commission for every purchase that was made through the offers that are on our list.

Doing this allows us to focus on providing visitors with the very best offers available without having to resort to annoying pop-up ads or banners that distract from the main subject of the website. This allows shoppers to look through the offers in peace and enjoy the process.


Vision and Mission

What we aspire to is the wider dissemination of information with regards to discount offers that exist on the web. We aim to do so by listing as many reliable online shops on our sites and their corresponding deals. We will strive to build up our repertoire of websites, categories, product selections, and the deals, offers, voucher codes, and other discount opportunities that come with them. By doing so, we hope to give shoppers the peace of mind in knowing that they are getting the absolute best deals that they can get.



We also feature campaigns that visitors can check out if they want to know about things like the Top 20 Lifestyle Bloggers or the Top Food Blogs. They offer additional information that readers might find useful.



The Experts


Gavin Chan


The field of Affiliate Marketing is booming right now and Affiliate Marketing Experts like Gavin Chan have been quite successful in helping various clients achieve the results they have been looking for in various Internet Marketing endeavors. For those who are in need of a Certified Expert in Google Adwords and Google Analytics, he is one of the best Freelance agents around.

His skills in Website Management and Social Media marketing have also allowed him to attain unprecedented success in the various aspects of those fields. This is how he is able to help clients with their own Internet Marketing projects as a Freelance service provider.


Michael Ho


Michael Ho, an expert in a wide range of coding and administrative roles. These include; OOP, PHP, SQL, XML, Redis, ASync PHP, Promise, ReactPHP, MySQL, PSQL administration,  PhpUnit tests, HTML, JavsScript, JQuery, Git, DNS, Whois protocol, Httrack, Puppet, Hiera, Sympfony, Laravel, Twig, WordPress, Centos, Nginx, and VPS administration.

His expertise allows him to serve his clients by helping them grow their online business, increase product and service exposure, increase rankings, and attract a ton of traffic. If you’re in need of someone who can do all of those things, he’s the person you are looking for.



We currently don’t have any vacancies.