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Too Full For Food 20%

Too Full For Food 太飽喇!

If food is your passion, is the site you want to visit if you want to know what kinds of delicacies you can find over at Hong Kong. The city is famous for some of the most delicious dishes in the market, so go ahead and treat yourself with some tasty info. That’s worth nominating for.
Gillians Kitchen 14%

Recipes, meal plans, and some entertaining content with regards to food, you would be hard-pressed to find a resource as great as With lots of tips, tricks, guides, and details on some of the hottest and most obscure recipes, you can definitely find a lot of things to enjoy. That’s why is getting our nomination.
youzi 10%


A great resource to learn more about the different dishes that can be found in the most beautiful locations in the world, is an essential site for those who truly love food. There’s a beauty to the images and content found at the site that’s not anywhere else. That’s what makes easy to nominate.
Green Queen Health & Wellness Hong Kong 9%

Green Queen

This blog is all about wellness. The site is best for health buff readers because it focuses on food and nutrition. It has some amazing vegan dishes and some gluten- free snacks. The words in every article are as delicious as the photos presented. Definitely one of the best.
Hungry Hong Kong 8%


Daniel’s blog has very good content and design that is attracting a lot of readers worldwide. His posts show different dishes from hotels and restaurants that he have been to such as Thailand, Australia and London. The blog is informational and an interesting read.
That Food Cray !!! 6%

Nicole & Eugene

Nicole Fung and Eugene Kan started in 2012 as an online food and travel blog. They wanted to stand out among the rest that they tried a different approach in presenting their writing. The image of the dishes are presented beautifully and the experience is written with much enthusiasm. They wanted to make sure that every reader will “eat outside the box”, not afraid to try new dishes from different places around the world.
K's Luxe Dining Table 6%


Katie leads every reader to a fine dining experience around Hongkong. Her blog features several restaurants offering the best and the most exquisite dishes. She also writes a list about the rarest and the finest wine ever found around the metropolis.
e_ting 5%

Janice Leung

Years of blogging about food surely shows how passionate Janice Leung is. Her blog has been listed as one of the best in Hongkong. An interesting read in her blog is a list about Hongkong’s and China’s best restaurants offering authentic cuisines.
Kelvin 5%


Written entirely in Chinese, Kelvin Leung (YFL Kelvin) makes no fuss about his love for everything local. He share not just food but lifestyle as a hongkonger. Blog at:
Taste HongKong 3%

Taste started in 2008 and has remained anonymous until this day. This Hongkong based blogger named “Taste” writes about amazing Hongkong dishes and authentic Chinese recipes. Readers are easily drawn to the blog because all the foods featured are very well presented and are all visually enticing.
Life as A Bon Vivant 3%


Jason is a food, lifestyle, and travel blogger who is also a freelance photographer. His blog has a wide variety of content for it features mostly his personal experiences from travel abroad. The foods presented are authentic and the way he writes is to inform and inspire every reader.
Sassy Hong Kong 2%

Sassy Hong Kong

Several Hongkong based sassy women who fell inlove with the metropolis. The blog are very diverse, offering every bits of what hongkong has to offer. All the images are all visually appealing and inviting. They not only blog about food but they also have bar and restaurant reviews that is very helpful to the readers.
The Dim Sum Diaries 2%

Ale Wilkinson

Ale Wilkinson is the lady behind She shares her restaurant experiences and gives her opinions about it. Her restaurant reviews are very informative and gives every reader an idea about what foods and restaurants are like around Hongkong.
My Little Hong Kong Kitchen 2%


This blog is simple yet fascinating. The presentation was artistically done and each articles well- written. The recipes are easy to follow and the dishes are all mouthwatering. share beautiful photos and interesting recipes with a wide variety of dishes to choose from.
Singaporean In Hong Kong 2%


When it comes to all things Singaporean food, you definitely need to check out With plenty of awesome recipes and dishes to showcase, you’re mouth will water at all the displays of South East Asian delights. For the simple food catwalk alone, we have no problems nominating
Expat Gourmand 2%

Amazing food requires amazing palettes and that’s exactly what provides. Amazing food also deserves to be shared with those who love awesome dishes from some of the most exotic places in the world. From Asian cuisine to the most distinguished recipes among popular cultures, has proven that it deserve nomination.
Mochachocolata -Rita 1%


Rita’s blog features a wide variety of food from all over the world. Aside from writing about food, she also blogs her beautiful family and her international travels. Her blogs feature several international cuisines from different international restaurants.

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