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Most Creative DIY Blogs 42%

sathya kala

Learn how to quilt, make personalized cards and stamps and make yourself busy with arts and crafts. This blog is owned by SathyaKala who is a toxicologist turned craft blogger. This provides endless craft inspiration for followers to enjoy. Jump into crafting and make a difference.
Most Creative DIY Blogs 22%

thalenta offers a fresh look at crocheting. Here, you can find countless crochet ideas perfectly for you. As far as crafting goes, the author focuses on crochet ideas for the home such as pillow cases and doilies. Learn some basic tricks and play with colors. This website is the perfect crochet destination.
Most Creative DIY Blogs 11%


Check out Lugna’s crafty corner for some fun and creative ideas. Lubna describes herself as a blogger mom who is passionate about creating crafts for the home. Browse through the site and enjoy some beautifully photographed projects. is a great resource for simple yet creative projects that are easy and doable.
Most Creative DIY 2019 9%

Akanksha Bhardwaj

This website is full of design inspiration especially for the home. Each project is guaranteed clean and nice and worth the effort. One can also enjoy reading about design tips and tricks for the home.
Most Creative DIY 2019 8%


This website showcases easy yet attractive craft ideas. Cintia teaches us to see great potential to ordinary things. Read about and be inspired to re-use, recycle and re-purpose.
Most Creative DIY 2019 5%


Know more about Divya and admire her creations with She makes beautiful fashion jewelries from materials that are environment friendly. All jewelries are guaranteed handmade with reuse and recycle in mind. It also features DIY tutorials and product reviews for her readers.
Most Creative DIY 2019 1%

Rukmini is a décor blog at its finest. Rukmini helps us turn a small space into a relaxing retreat. Enjoy reading about neat decorating ideas and recipes.
Most Creative DIY 2019 1%


Learn numerous ways to decorate and prepare for a party with colorful ideas from this website. For last minute décor ideas, this website is the most reliable.
Most Creative DIY Blogs 1%

Marcellina Maria Magdalena

Being a mother will always bring out the creativity of a woman. While taking care of her family, Maria loves to write children’s stories and at the same time create her own illustrations. She also loves cooking and crafting. Follow her blog and read about product reviews and some recipes that you will surely enjoy.
Most Creative DIY 2019 0%

Angela Jose

Angela’s creativity is clearly reflected on her blog. She enjoys recycling and re-using and turning ordinary things into an extraordinary creation. This blog is worth the bookmark.
Most Creative DIY 2019 0%

DIY & Crafts

Get design inspirations for special occasions such as Easter and Christmas. Read about DIY projects that are easy and budget friendly. Read blogs posted and visit the sites provided in the website.
Most Creative DIY 2019 0%

Craft Gossip is considered to be a major influencer in the field of crafting. With thousands of social media followers, this website is a must for those who are in search for crafting ideas and inspiration. Learn to crochet, knit and recycle.
Most Creative DIY 2019 0%


Raji’s handmade crafts are a hit to many. This is a unique blog because it features embroidery, crochet and sewing among others. Follow this blog and get hold of that needle.
Most Creative DIY BlogsMost Creative DIY Blogs 0%

The Lazy Owl Designs

This website’s author comprises of a group of young and talented architects who focus on contemporary and chic designs. Their blog is about crafts and scrapbooks design ideas. When they are not busy with blogging, they also offer exhibitions and workshops. Check out their products such as stationeries and handcrafted cards ideal for special occasions.

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