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Sally Poon Registered Dietitian 35%

Sally Poon Registered Dietitian

If you are planning to go on a diet or are desperate to lose weight, you might want to stop by It’s an amazing resource for those who want to go on a healthy streak and want to maintain the kind of lifestyle that leads to more productivity and happiness. Check it out and see what they have to offer.
Healthy Living Blogs 21%

Healthy Living Blogs

A community blog made up of people who care about health and wellness, is basically a hub for those who have something to contribute in those topics. It’s a great resource, especially for those who might be running out of good ideas on how to stay healthy.
chrissy denton healthfitness 9%

chrissy denton healthfitness

The blog is about Chrissy Denton, who is on a mission to be as healthy and as fit as possible, and wants to share her journey with the world. A worth endeavour, as far as goals go, and you definitely want to give the site a chance if you’re interested in the personal touch with regards to fitness topics.
Flex-Studio 8%

Flex Studio

About as basic as a health and fitness blog can possibly be, is basically a blog about exercise and healthy diets. It’s a perfect resource for beginners and anyone who is not exactly sure how to proceed can refer to the contents of the blog. It’s worth checking out if you fall into these categories.
Live Well Basics 7%

Live Well Basics


Accompany the author of as she lives the life of a healthy human who is as flawed and as full of potential as anyone. Reading what the author has to say about fitness and chasing after goals is quite inspirational, especially given how difficult these tasks can be.
anhao 7%


As health and fitness blogs go, is one of the better ones available in the market. It’s a great little resource that offers some truly useful insights into what it truly means to be healthy and happy, which more than makes it worthy of its readership. Follow this blog if you’re interested in such topics.
Honestly Fitness 5%

honestly fitness

Pretty straightforward really, is a blog about everything to do with fitness. This has to do with the kinds of food you might want to eat to achieve certain results, the kinds of exercises you’ll want to do in order to make certain gains, and the kinds of post-workout activities you want to keep in mind to improve recovery.
Coastal Fitness 4%

Coastal Fitness

A more professional outfit than most on this list, is basically a resource for those who are into intense workout sessions or are looking to up their fitness game. The topics include Crossfit and training with a lot of weights, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you’re in the right place.
Janiqueel 4%


An excellent lifestyle blog, you definitely want to give a go if you are someone who likes to get excellent information on the kinds of things you can expect from life. You also get a great look into the personal world of the author who treats ever moment with clarity and care.

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