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We have nominated a number of bloggers from HongKong whom we think deserve to win for our Fashion Blog Awards 2017. The bloggers have been chosen based on their knowledge and passion for Fashion, which they have shared with the rest of the world through their inspiring blog posts.

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Voting ends at 12:00 PM on 4th of November 2017
$2,000 is divided between the bloggers
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If you are looking for genuinely good fashion advice, you can’t get any better than at Professionally curated, you can really tell that the author cares about the subject matter. All style no substance does not apply to this blog at all since you get plenty of one and the other.

Beauty Exchange

An awesome blog that’s dedicated to all things beauty, you’ll learn quite a bit about how to bring out the best out of any cosmetic regimen when you read what has to offer. The contents are never boring either, so you can count on being engaged on the subject matter.
The author behind really knows what they are talking about and it shows when you read the contents at the site. It may come across as something of a personal opinion at times, but when you actually do the things that the site suggests, the results can’t be argued with. Go ahead and try.

Fashion Geek

Who knew that you could be a geek about fashion? Whatever the case, pulls it off quite well, with plenty of informative articles about the subject and the industry. If you want reliable information that you can use to bring up your fashion arsenal up to speed, is where it’s at.

Sassy Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the centers of fashion in the world as it has become something of a melting pot for different influences to make their assets shine and covers these things quite well. For development details regarding the fashion industry in the city, you’ll want to read the site’s contents.


A lot of people seem to think that fashion is this intense, often chaotic industry that will chew you up and spit you out. When reading the contents at, however, you’ll see that this does not necessarily have to be the case. Not only are the details informative, the approach is quite, well, mellow.
There is absolutely nothing normal about how presents fashion advice at all. Although it’s true that you can totally pull off many of the presented styles on the site in an everyday basis, you can’t really call them regular either.
An excellent resource for any fashion enthusiasts, simply oozes with complexity and subtlety all at once. You’ll see that the site does not shy away from trying to be different while maintaining an identity that you can get behind.

Jin Wong

Straightforwardly amazing, the contents at are some of the highest quality you’ll find around. The tips and info are always reliable as well, so if you have any doubt when it comes to the kinds of fashion decisions that you want to make, it’s best to refer to the contents at

Attire Studious

An incredibly interesting site tackling fashion topics, is one of those resources that you just have to consult whenever you’re stuck with choosing an outfit. The site always has useful things to say, which is what you want from a blog that talks about subjective topics like fashion.


A superbly excellent blog about fashion, is worth looking into simply because it has a lot of good information on the latest trends and styles. Reading through every update certainly gives the impression that the author keeps up to date on the latest news and most relevant fashion developments.
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