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how to pastel 49%

how To pastel

Anyone interested in painting can take away much from that will definitely help them out in the long run. An amazing art resource, the site has a lot of important things to say about the creative process and can provide newcomers with the directions that they need.
Gurney Journey 27%

gurney journey

At, you’ll see lots of different types of art in their best conditions and representations. This applies to pencil art, comic art, animation and so much more. There are lots of tips and tricks that both students and veterans can really get behind, as well.
Meet The Creative Part of Me 8%


Full of some truly inspired contents about art and self-expression, is one of those hidden gems that you simply have to take a look it. It’s a great example of what it means to an artist, which can make it especially valuable to those who are just starting out the artist’s path.
lines and colors 3%

lines and colors

A blog that features an amazing collection of some of the most inspiring pieces of drawn art, is certainly worth a look if you’re into the whole draw to awe thing. The blog has lots of hand-drawn examples of art that far a lot of art enthusiasts and even casual fans will love.
we make money not art 2%

we make money not art

A reference to the concept that people do art for the sake of art and not money, is a quirky website that offers some truly fascinating contents. The topics range from the ordinary to the, well, extraordinary, with more than a sprinkle of silliness thrown in the mix.
artblog 2%


The site tackles the many facets of the gem called art, which is something that far too many people overlook. There are so many ways to look at different types of art as well as their history and influence. It would be severely limiting not to take many of those things into consideration.
Mchesley Johnson 2%

Mchesley Johnson

Interested in landscape art that features amazing colored representations of mountains and plains? Look no further than The site offers some of the most amazing examples of oil pastel artwork that really gets fans right in the gut.
Art Wolfe 1%

Art Wolfe

A website that focuses on deriving art from experiencing nature, is certainly one fascinating website. It basically encourages people to go out into the wild and either create amazing photo art or any other kind of art, as long as it is inspired by the wild, gorgeous landscapes out there.
Streetsy 1%


Anyone who wants to see what street art is like can check out The blog is all about creating graffiti art, which many people living in urban areas or just major metropolises will already be familiar with. Much about it is misunderstood, which tries to clarify.
Seattle Art 1%

Seattle Art

Anyone interested in any art exhibits, performances, and important events related to art in Seattle can take a look at It’s a resource that offers schedules and event details that art fans might want to get to know.
spoon and tamago 1%

spoon and tamago

There is much about art that people don’t understand and strives to bring a lot of clarity to Japanese art, many of which actually apply to unexpected subjects. For example, there are lots of recreational art, which focuses on what life was like in Ancient Japan.
Cassie Stephens 1%

Cassie Stephens

If it’s an excellent art resource you are looking for, should deliver on everything you have been needing. The site is great for the creative to find inspiration on what their next project is going to be. Use it as reference to achieve that next work to be proud of.
Art with Mr. E 1%

Ted Daniel

If you really want to learn something great about art, you’re going to want to give a visit. It’s a great blog with some of the finest collections of contents that are bound to give that inner artist in you the right information you are looking for. It’s a great source of easily understood details too.
Sandra's Art - Blog 1%


An incredible art blog, you definitely want to check out for it’s great and unique take on the topic. Any budding artists will want to see what the site has to offer.

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